About US

Arhia is a full service team that provides architecture, interior design and project implementation, also including planning services and furniture supply. Our group has evolved into a local practice with professionals combining the creative spirit of the architects with the efficiency of delivery and reliability of a major firm. The firm’s designs and products span several areas of expertise and have been the subject of numerous projects. The firm’s specialized projects include expertise that extends to any kind of space or building, for which Arhia can provide full implementation services.

We build custom furniture in our own production hall, with the help of our technical team and we work directly with top quality producers from all over Europe for standard furniture. We are a progressive implementation practice providing high quality services for both the domestic and commercial sectors. We are committed to low energy sustainable design providing appropriate, imaginative, cost effective and technical solutions to meet our clients’ requirements. We implement and manage our input into each project to the highest professional standards, meeting our clients’ requirements with clear communication throughout the project.


What does the perfect building look like

There can be only one answer to this question: Every client needs something different. The equirements you have for your construction as the building owner are as individual and unique as the industry sectors, the companies and the employees who work there

- Our mission is both simple and challenging

- We build tailor-made architectural solutions with strong intrinsic values

- Individualistic designs which are first and foremost economic in every respect, and which not only capture the imagination today but will continue to do so for decades to come

- Our experienced specialists can provide turnkey solutions for your residential, office or commercial space, from the first design concept to the implementation of the project on site

- We have the best consultants that help us to better understand and anticipate changes and trends across markets that we target.

Variety and flexibility.
Enjoying the freedom of action.

Imagine that as you walk towards your building you think to yourself “This is exactly how it should be!” You enter the lobby and immediately feel at home. You continue walking and enjoy the positive atmosphere of the building more and more with every step. If every day starts like this in the future, we have fulfilled the high standards we demand from ourselves. You have the building of your dreams, one which is a perfect fit for you and your company.

Arhia combines architects and technical staff with complete freedom to put their ideas into practice. Choose the building structure and floor plan, the facades and the office concept. Play around with light, form and materials! We will make sure that your ideas become soon reality.


Building structures
Perfectly tailored in form

High-quality architecture and cost-effective construction – that is our philosophy. That is why our diversity of design has a system and a scale that conforms to the standards for buildings. We plan the layout and the shape of your building within the legal aspects. A design basis which offers maximum freedom for real estate which is perfectly tailored in form and meets all the requirements and sets architectural accents in urban development.

Our experience helps us to easily adapt even on most difficult design conditions that challenge the most of our creativity.



We focus on delivering value-added products that exceed client expectations. We aspire to inspire greatness within our reach and beyond. We value creative design processes and strategies during problem solving.

Not only do we aspire to be great at what we do, we also aim to pioneer work at an international level.



To provide the best service that exceeds our client’s expectations by leveraging on our team’s combined capabilities that are centered on Passion, Creativity and design Innovation.



The comfort concept
Tailored to your needs

A building with comfort guarantee is created from the successful interplay of many factors. Focused and motivated working requires more than keeping a cool head, warm feet and fresh air. We analyze your comfort requirements holistically and in detail: Eight criteria of well-being and three comfort levels, from which we can put together the ideal combination for you.


Energy efficiency and sustainability
Have a look into the future

We believe in world transformation inspired by architecture and design. It is time we concentrate our efforts into seeing the near future and the shape that our buildings will leave for the next generations. It’s wonderful that our buildings have a lasting effect on people. One of our advantages is that we design and build based on investment feasibility aspects provided by our market specialists