Arhia is a group of architects, designers and specialists, guided by the passion for space innovation through concepts that we turn into reality.

Our area of expertise extends to any kind of space or building, for which we can provide full architecture, design and build services. Our experienced specialists can provide turnkey solution for your residential, office or commercial space, from the first design concept to implementation of the project on site. We have over a decade of experience that helps us to easily adapt even on most difficult design conditions that challenge the most our creativity.

We have the best consultants that help us to better understand and anticipate changes and trends across markets that we target. One of our advantages is that we design and build based on investment feasibility aspects provided by our market specialists. Our creations are adapted to social, economic, environmental changes that we experience everyday.

We transform the everyday experience of any space into an innovative experience and we believe in world transformation inspired by architecture and design.

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